Benefits of Going Solar

As you are aware many businesses across the UK are under tremendous pressure to maintain their profitability and are being adversely affected by the high cost of electricity, which is set to increase year on year. Moreover, the regulations for energy usage would only get stricter in future.

There are solar solutions available that can help you address these problems. However, many business owners still think that owning a Solar PV system is a costlier affair and the benefits are not worth the investment involved?

With years of solar experience, Ablaze Green Energy Solutions (AGES) has helped many businesses, such as yours, across the UK to relook at their energy situation and demonstrated them that it is cheaper than they think!

At present, the UK government is committed to developing the renewable energy sector and is rewarding those businesses that have responded to the CO² reduction programme by using the Solar Technology.

A typical SME Business spends an average £3,240* a year on electricity. By going green, you not only protect yourself against rising energy costs, but you are assured with a payback of 4 to 7 years and a manufacturer’s guaranteed saving on your bottom line for the following 20-25 years.

AGES has helped many businesses such as yours make smart choices – converting unused ‘rooftops’ and ‘land areas’ into solar income generators!

Installing solar panels can save you thousands of pounds by utilising the electricity your panels generate and by bringing in a healthy income from the UK government incentives – the ‘Feed-in-Tariff’ and ‘Export Tariff’. Moreover, you raise your green credentials and save on carbon tax levy. So, it would pay to be an early adopter of renewable technologies.

Investing in Green Energy is a “No-Brainer”.

As an approved member of Carbon Trust and Green Business Network, we can assist SME’s with obtaining grants and funding from local authorities between £1,000 to £50,000, matching up to 30% of the total costs of the energy efficient measures.

As an example, the graph below demonstrates how a business can benefit from a Solar PV system (generating income and saving money): —

How can your business benefit from solar energy?

  • Turn your unused rooftops and land areas into an income generator 
  • Great return on your investment for 25 years or more
  • Significantly reduce your monthly business electricity bills
  • Insulate your business against rising energy costs in the future
  • Seamless integration with your current electrical system
  • Reduce your carbon tax liabilities and
  • Achieve your green credentials
  • Finance options available*

What does Ablaze Green Energy Solutions offer:

With years of solar experience, our accredited team offers plenty of opportunities for businesses across the UK to generate extra income and reduce their carbon footprint from generating their own renewable energy. Our popular solar solutions are installed on ‘unused rooftops’ and ‘unused land’ areas – so your valuable land won’t be used up either.

We are accredited by the Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS) and members of the RECC customer assurance scheme. We are completely independent so our recommendations are based on our assessment of your objectives, your energy needs and the fabric of your property.

We offer complete turnkey operations with no disruption to your business activities ensuring your guaranteed returns on your energy investment.

Our expert and accredited team, do this by assessing your business energy portfolio, designing and installing reliable renewable energy systems to provide the energy that your business needs and to generate an income for the business and giving you greater financial security for the next 25 years or so.

Our effective solutions mean our customers stay ahead of the curve in compliance, cost and carbon saving (Finance options available*).

To get impartial advice on the best PV system financial solutions for your business, or to arrange a site survey – please call our customer service team on ‘01252 957207‘ or email us your requirements at and one of our expert team members will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements.