Energy Storage Systems


As you are aware that energy prices are rising up continuously and they affect the bottom line of any business.

The businesses with existing arrays of Solar PV are now looking into different ways to store the excess electricity generated at a low rate during the daytime instead of exporting it to the grid. The stored electricity can be used during the night hours when the PV panels are not generating much electricity.

Ablaze Myriad Solar, can retro-fit battery backup system to the existing installed PV system.

We analyse the energy production and consumption on daily basis and propose the best storage system to suit your additional energy requirements.

Our accredited team, can seamlessly integrate the energy storage system and commissioned it to suit your load-sharing priorities.

In the event of a power cut the critical load could be fed over the less important electrical devices, for example, the overhead LED lighting system can be supplied with continuous power to keep the place light up  instead of supplying to a heavy-duty machine which might draw up all the stored energy in a short span of time and leave the end user without power.

The energy storage offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Use stored energy at night hours and during the lean daylight hours
  • Reduce energy bills by using stored energy rather than buying directly from the grid
  • Maximising the PV systems potential
  • Low carbon emission levels
  • Achieve green credentials
  • Continuous access to power during power cuts!

At, Ablaze Green Energy, we have years of experience in the energy storage and management systems and we have installed energy battery systems of various reliable makes as below:

  1. Victron Lithium-Ion Phosphate Batteries from Victron Energy Blue Power
  2. LG Chem Resu-Lithium-Ion Polymer from LG Chem
  3. Hoppecke Premium Range Lithium-Ion Phosphate from Hoppecke Power From Innovation
  4. Growatt GBL1 Lithium-Ion from Growatt Powering Tomorrow
  5. Tesla Powerwall 2 Lithium-Ion Phosphate from Tesla Energy
  6. Pylon Lithium-Ion Phosphate from Pylon Technologies
  7. BYD ES Lithium-Ion from BYD

For all your ‘Energy Storage’ enquiries and needs please call our technical team at ‘0333 220 5498’ or email us at One of the team members will contact you shortly to discuss your energy storage requirements in details.