Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects -1300 x 400

With years of solar experience, our customised Turnkey PV system solutions for your commercial and residential requirements come as peace of mind.

Ablaze Myriad Solar can provide you with full comprehensive PV consultancy and installation services for both residential and commercial applications. Our MCS accredited process has complete transparency at each stage: including initial agreement, identification of the right product, surveying and design, procurement, delivery, installation and commission. Moreover, you get the bespoke maintenance, operational and troubleshooting (M.O.T.) aftercare services for the PV system installed on your site.

The specialist services offered:

  • Feasibility Studies (Technical and Financial)
  • Planning & Design
  • BIM & 3D visualization
  • DNO liaison
  • Development
  • Construction and Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Remote Monitoring & Management

Progress at each stage is communicated to all parties which are involved, thus facilitating an understanding and developing confidence in the successful delivery of the project.

For more information on ‘Turnkey Projects’ and the best energy efficient saving solutions for your business – please call our customer service team on ‘01252 957207‘ or email us your project requirements at ‘gogreen@ablazegreenenergy.co.uk. One of our expert team members will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements.