Lavender Oaks Care Home

Lavender Oaks Care Home, Carshalton

Sector: Residential, New Build Construction

Commissiong Date: August 2017

The new care homes site has been developed by Port Haven Care Homes. The building will provide 24 hours residential, nursing and dementia care for the elderly.

The Requirement:

The PV was stipulated by the M&E consultants to generate an output of 18,500 kWh to comply with Part L 2013.

The Solution:

With our strong history of commercial design and build solar PV solutions in Surrey, Hampshire, and Sussex, Ablaze was appointed by Harkel, the M&E contractor, to deliver the solar PV system and meet the Part L renewable energy target.
The solar PV solution designed by Myriad Solar consists of 81 16% efficient Sapphire panels mounted on a proprietary fixing system for membrane roofs. The installation provides 18,500-kilowatt hours of renewable power to the building per year. The cost savings on utilities are in excess of £2,250 per year.

The Specification and Benefits:

System size:  21,46 kWp

Mounting System:  Bespoke Design by Ablaze MyriadSolar and proprietary flat roof Schletter system

Predicted output: 18,500 kWh per Annum

Estimated CO² savings: 10 Tons per Annum

Feed-In-Tariff rate: £0.0419 per kWh

Estimated FiT income: £800 per Annum

Electricity costs savings: £2,350 per Annum

Estimated Climate Change Levy Exemptions: £105 per Annum

Total savings: £3,200 per Annum