Commercial PV Return on Investment (ROI) and CO2 Reduction

Ablaze Green Energy Solutions are specialists in Commercial Solar PV Design and installation. All our business customers across the UK have reduced their ongoing energy costs and generate savings that quickly pays back their investment.

In fact some of our projects have benefitted from grants and capital financing solutions that significantly reduces the initial investment. Of course this depends on various factors such as the scale of the project and the energy usage but this is exactly where we provide years of ‘solar’ experience and expertise.

And in today’s world where businesses need to demonstrate carbon reduction initiatives to sustain and grow their own customer base, there’s no better time to explore the potential for your business. With typical ROI of 3-6 years and high quality solar panels warranted for 25 years, it is a compelling business case.

As a specialist in Commercial projects and with our in-house design team, we are fully conversant with the District Network Operator obligations. All DNO’s require specific information for larger ‘non-domestic’ solar projects and it is important for you to initiate a no-obligation discussion. All you need to prepare is some basic information for us to be able to give you an estimate of your potential investment return and CO2 emissions reduction. We can then explore your solar project funding options.



    “ Customer focus is at the forefront of their business, and is demonstrated by the obliging and supportive professional manner. Design challenges are commonplace on MEP projects, Ablaze is always on hand to assist with their expertise and drive, to adapt to the project needs, and never to capitalise where change is required.”.

    Ross Magrath – Senior Project Manager ¦ Mitie Ltd ¦ Whiteley, Hampshire

    "Ablaze recently completed an installation over at Kings Cross, Q1 consisting of 102 PV panels located on a ridged, metallic roof. Their pre-construction information was issued promptly and any queries raised by the client were answered straight away. The install team was polite, helpful, and very knowledgeable. All in all a good install was done by the Ablaze team.".

    Mark Tilyard – Project Manager ¦ Redworx - Michael Lonsdale Group Ltd

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