Energy Brokerage Services

Energy Brokerage for Gas & Electricity                                           

Ablaze Green Energy can assist you with finding the best saving deals on natural gas and electricity costs through our strong relationship with the certified utilities and energy suppliers.

Our team of efficient and professional energy brokers ensure to crack the best deal within strict timeline fostering good relationships between the customers and suppliers. The energy supply market is extremely price-sensitive hence we will weigh all the risks and concerns before sourcing the right energy options for you.

Ablaze Energy Process Layout

A. Plan your needs

  • Understand your energy goals – short-term and long-term goals
  • Sync them with your business goals
  • Analyse potential risks and your tolerance towards risks
  • Review existing suppliers

B. Conduct market analysis

  • Identify current market trends, the best opportunities and procurement strategies
  • Assemble and analyse present and historical load data
  • Classify the load profiles providing the lowest bids
  • Finally, develop a price-to-beat plan required to meet a particular supply offer

C. Preparing RFP (Request for Proposal)

  • Prepare customized request for proposal to solicit benefits from the shortlisted suppliers
  • Define terms and conditions
  • Share the terms & conditions with suppliers
  • Conduct online auctions or issue a copy of RPF directly

D. Preparing the Supply Contract

  • Conduct saving analysis
  • Analyse and select suppliers based on bids
  • Finalize the contract terms & conditions

Once the supplier is finalized and the contract is ready, we prepare for renewals, market opportunities and alerts. Our brokerage fee is very competitive and eliminates any other cost or risk associated with the business. Moreover, we provide free guidance during the life of supply agreement.

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