Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations


Your specialist charge point installer for commercial buildings and offices:

At, Ablaze Green Energy Solutions, we work closely with you to ensure we install the most suitable charge points for your needs – whether for your staff, customers or other visitors to your building.

There are many types of electric vehicle charge points to choose from. We will identify, supply and install the charging solution you require, providing end to end project management for your charge points.

Why are businesses switching their fleets to electric vehicles?

  • Significant reduction in fuel costs.
  • Enhanced capital allowance.
  • Lower B.I.K. tax for employees.
  • Support for your CSR objectives.
  • No London congestion charge.
  • Lower excise duty.

Why install a charge point at your workplace?

  • To accommodate visitors who own an electric vehicle.
  • To make owning an electric vehicle viable for employees.
  • To provide charging for your fleet vehicles.
  • To boost your environmental credentials.

To help you decide which type of charge point (EVCP) is best for your workplace, consider the following:

  • Can you control access to your car park? If not, then access controls on the EVCP may be required.
  • Who will be using the EVCP & how long will they have to charge?
  • Is it only your employees who need to charge their own vehicles ready to drive home or is a faster speed of charge required for fleet vehicles?
  • Do you need to monitor & record which employees use the EVCP, in order to bill them for its use or for other reporting purposes?
  • Do you have suitable parking bays close to a wall, or will the EVCPs need to be free standing?
  • The power supply available compared to the number of EVCPs you wish to install.

We will work with you through each of these considerations, to ensure the right EVCPs are installed to meet your current and future requirements.

REXEL Rexel recommended:
We are recommended by Rexel, the largest electrical distributor in the world.