LED Lighting


As you are aware, many businesses across the UK are under tremendous pressure to maintain their profitability and affected by the high cost of electricity which continues to increase year on year.

Switching from the conventional lighting to energy efficient LED lighting is a sensible move adopted by many businesses across the UK as the benefits simply outweigh the investment.

The significant benefits of LED lightings are:

  • Enhanced lighting levels
  • Improved energy efficiency with up to 70% reduction in lighting load
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Zero maintenance
  • Shorter Pay-back period or Long-term savings on utility bills
  • Can be financed
  • Warranty arrangements of 5-10 years
  • Achieve your Green Credentials

Ablaze Green Energy Solutions provides LED lighting retrofitting at very competitive rates for commercial properties throughout the UK. Many businesses across different sectors have benefitted from our Energy Consultancy and LED retrofitting services.

At Ablaze, we carry out a site survey and design customized solutions for customers ready to switch to LED lighting. We also provide 5-year onsite warranty and conduct verification of savings after completing the installation.

Our LED suppliers are leading manufacturers, supplying us with high-performance LED lights with longer lifespans (approx. 50,000 hours equates to 5 to 15 years life) with longer warranties periods ensuring you a peace of mind and the best return on your energy investment.

Green Programme grants are available for spending on LED lighting. Click Here

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