Power Purchase Agreement


A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a way of obtaining a ‘FREE’ solar PV system without the need to outlay any business capital.

Ablaze Green Energy Solutions has partnered with some of the best ‘alternative’ energy efficiency asset investors in the UK and they can assess your business situation and eligibility to see if you qualify for a PPA.

With a PPA, the PV system remains the property of the investor and in return for a fixed-term lease or license to use your unused rooftops, roof spaces or airspace above your premises, your company stands to save thousands of pounds from the cheaper electricity generated by the PV system. Our accredited team will design and install your ‘FREE’ PV system and what’s more, we can provide you M.O.T. (Maintenance, Operations and Troubleshooting) services during the term of the PPA arrangement.

With no upfront costs, you get to keep your business capital for your core business activities, while the investor reaps the benefits by selling low-rate electricity to you and claiming subsidies from the government for generating ‘clean’ energy.

The competitive PPA rate (per unit rate) is indexed to an inflation rate that is significantly lower than the energy market rate, thus you can save tens of thousands of pounds along the life-span of your PV system.

The PV system outlay is not treated as debt or liabilities on your balance sheet, so they will not negatively affect your debt to equity or other leverage rations.

There is also the possibility that the PV system can be bought for a mere £1 at the end of the PPA term!(T&C’s apply)

The graph below demonstrates the benefits of having the PPA arrangement versus buying off the National Grid for a typical 30kWp system:

In addition to the accounting benefits, you will also reap the economic and environmental benefits from enhancing your ‘green’ credentials and reducing your carbon emissions which will appeal to environmentally cautious customers, suppliers and stakeholders, without you having the PV ownership responsibilities. You will certainly have raised your corporate social responsibility towards the environment and society we live in. This is surely too good an opportunity to resist.

Benefits of a PPA arrangement:

  • A PPA is drawn to mutually benefit both parties – your business and the investor
  • Free Solar PV system for your business
  • Absolutely ‘Zero’cost to raise your green credentials
  • No responsibilities of ownership
  • Significantly reduce your monthly business electricity bills
  • Insulate your business against rising energy costs in the future
  • Seamless integration with your current electrical system
  • Complete turnkey operation with no disruption to day-to-day activities
  • Fully transferable contract
  • Reduce your Carbon footprint and Tax Liabilities

To get impartial advice on the best PV system financial solutions for your business, or to arrange a site survey – please call our customer service team on ‘0333 220 5498’ or email us your requirements at ‘gogreen@ablazegreenenergy.co.uk‘ and one of our expert team members will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements.