Bespoke Solar Carports

Solar carport


We are making your parking lots energy efficient to maximize your business operations in a green and cost efficient manner.

‘Ablaze Green Energy’ is a name to reckon with when it comes to provide complete turnkey solutions from the installation to maintenance of the solar PV car ports, starting from small to large parking areas. Businesses which are already enjoying the benefits of carports consider them as one of the wisest financial investments to meet their business goals.

The concept

The solar PV car ports are ground-mounted canopy structures which are installed on the car parking rooftop and serve the purpose of providing cover as well as generating green electricity simultaneously. They are usually flat and slightly tilted offering an aesthetic structural presence for the solar panels to be mounted seamlessly. The tilted roof structure provides dual benefits of generating maximum energy and acting as a natural drainage resource for rain water.

The hunt for green field sites ends at the existing business premise as the energy needs can be seamlessly fulfilled through already existing parking areas. The financial obligations for purchasing the structure can be easily compensated within the feed-in tariff period while assuring the long-term power security for your business.

The solar PV car port is one of the most efficient ways to make maximum utilization of the existing resources as they can be utilized for multiple business needs as well as provide solar power enabled parking space for your customers and employees.

‘Ablaze Green Energy’ carport designs are customized for every client to ensure that the installations are in perfect sync with the aesthetics of building architecture and campus surrounding to meet the onsite demand of electricity supply seamlessly.

Benefits of solar carports

  • Pollution free and clean energy through EV charging ports for the staff and visitors to charge their vehicles
  • Secure future energy needs through PV energy generations
  • Signature Statement for your business
  • Enhancing the visual appeal of car parking area
  • In-house green power supply
  • Raising the green credentials of the business
  • Bonus space for generating solar energy
  • Greenhouse gas reduction
  • Long-term, independent and cost-efficient medium to meet the energy requirement of the business
  • Enhanced service to visitors and employees

 ‘Ablaze Green Energy’ Car Ports

Our innovative and astounding project deliveries speaks volumes of our expertise in the installation of complete turnkey projects for solar car ports.

The significant element of our service lays in designing every project from the initial stage, keeping in mind the business needs and customer demands. At Ablaze Green Energy, we replicate the benefits not the designs so you can rest assured of an innovative design for meeting your energy needs.

‘Ablaze Green Energy’ also offers the after sales and maintenance services to ensure smooth running of installation for complete project lifetime.