Solar PV FAQs

Q1) What is the installation lead time for these projects?

A1) The installation lead time by Ablaze GES is usually between four to six weeks, contingent to design complexity, information availability and the size of the scheme for materials. In new build projects, we often amalgamate our schedule to fit in with your existing project programme.

Q2) Is Ablaze GES responsible for every aspect of the installation?

A2) Yes, Ablaze GES is completely responsible for every aspect of an installation. Also, we clearly define the interfaces between our work and the requirements of our customers.

Q3) What is the importance of health and safety during installation?

A3) At Ablaze GES, health & safety is of vital importance as we deploy the best processes of the industry to cater the customer demands. Our services include the full risk assessment and method statement with each installation to avoid any accidents. Also, our sites are open for unannounced audits by the external consultants. The audit reports can be immediately forwarded to the Operations Manager and the Director. Ablaze GES is committed to avoid accidents such as fall from height etc.

Q4) Are Ablaze GES operatives qualified and do they carry CSCS cards as standard?

A4) Ablaze GES operatives are all qualified where we require a professional qualification and all hold CSCS cards. In addition, all Ablaze GES staff will be identifiable through their standard attire or jackets.

Q5) Does Ablaze GES provides a named manager to supervise the works?

A5) Yes, at Ablaze GES all the works are supervised by a named manager with a first aid qualification.

Q6) Does Ablaze GES carry out commissioning industrial practice checks prior to project handover?

A6) Ablaze GES follows the industry standards and manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the systems are installed correctly, safely and appropriately. We carry out a formal sign off and take record photographs to conclude our site works.

Q7) Why do I need to inform my existing energy supplier about and impending installation?

A7) As part of our services, for systems generating over 16A per phase we submit a full G59 application and schematic on your behalf to the DNO (Distribution Network Operator) to get the approval as without approval from DNO you can’t connect the grid. This usually takes 8 weeks. For domestic systems (<16A) there is no need to inform the DNO prior to the installation, only after commissioning through a formal process.

Q8) How much energy can be generated from solar panels on my roof?

A8) This depends on many factors, 1000m2 will generate between 150,000 and 200,000 kWh depending on the location of the system, its orientation, and inclination. To put it into perspective typical 3-bed house consumes 4,500kWh/year and a small business between 15,000 and 25,000kWh

Q9) What is the durability of a solar panel and how much its performance drop over time?

A9) Good quality panels have a lifespan of over twenty-five years and when they are exposed to ultra-violet light, their efficiency subsidies by an average of 0.5% per annum.

Q10) How do I connect a solar PV system to my property?

A10) Ablaze GES will design a PV system to connect it with your main electrical distribution board so that energy generated can replace the energy directly coming through the grid to feed your business.
We will install a generation meter and inverters to monitor the amount of electricity generated and convert the DC electricity generated into AC which is capable of being connected to your existing systems.

Q11) What are the main reasons for installing solar PV?

A11) The main reason for installing PV is extensive financial payback as compared to the usual corporate investment for power generation. This includes the ability to comply with ESOS requirements, assisting clients in reducing their carbon footprint, and extending support on devising sustainable initiatives with employees and the local community.

Q12) Are any subsidies available for installing commercial solar PV?

A12) Yes, the government does provide some support for installing PV. The same is reviewed by them on regular basis. The current support rate is available at Ablaze GES, the support is paid on a pre-agreed rate for twenty years on the amount of energy generated.

Q13) Do I have to pay for my system or can Ablaze GES provides a funded solution?

A13) You can opt for either

a) ‘outright purchase’ or
b) lease option or
c) PPA (Purchase Power Agreement)

Ablaze GES has experience in providing funds through tie-ups with specialist financiers to pay for a customer’s PV installation. In these cases, the customer will lease out the roof to the finance company and then purchase the generated electricity at a pre-agreed price for a period of between twenty and twenty-five years.

Q14) Does Ablaze GES installations require significant maintenance?

A14) Ablaze GES enjoys the reputation of specifying and installing the best equipment from reputed manufacturers who also provide warranty for their equipment. Customers can accrue benefits from maintaining the system during peak performance and Ablaze GES can provide maintenance package for its installations as per the customer budget and requirement. #Explore our array of maintenance services here.

Q15) How do I ensure the best value for my installation?

A15) At Ablaze GES special emphasis is paid on your requirements and further delivering the best value to suit your energy needs. The installations are designed meticulously to ensure you receive maximum utilization of the resources and return on your investment.

Q16) Does Ablaze GES provide a guarantee on the performance of my installation?

A16) Yes, Ablaze GES provides a guarantee on the performance ratio of the installations done by them. The guarantee covers the amount of energy generated in a year relative to the amount of energy that falls on the panels. This guarantee includes a weather station for recording the weather during the year as well as a communications system to share information with both the customer and Ablaze GES regularly.
Currently, only this guarantee exists in the rooftop market demonstrating the strength and capability of the Ablaze GES in the design and installation of PV solar panels.

Q17) What other documentation do I need to claim the feed-in tariff?

A17) To claim the feed-in-tariff, you require an EPC certificate. In case you don’t have this, we can help you in arranging it.

Q18) What is a typical payback period?

A18) Its generally between 5 to 8 years depending upon the system size, configuration and the government incentives criteria

Q19) Do I need planning permission?

A19) Well usually no. However, there are certain exceptions on this and we will advise and provide guidance if required.

Q20) Which equipment is required for a solar PV installation?

A20) A PV installation is an assortment of PV panels, connected to inverters for converting the DC electricity to AC as well as to putting it at the right voltage and frequency for connecting it to client’s existing electrical infrastructure.

Q21) What is the size of solar panels?

A21) Generally, the panels are around 1.65m x 1.0m and generate energy between 200 watts and 300 watts in optimum sunlight and temperature. Panels are rated to their maximum output and the size of an installation is determined by this rated maximum output multiplied by the number of panels.

Q22) Does shading affects the output of my solar PV installation?

A22) Yes, shading has a significant effect on the output through the newer panels have managed to reduce the effect of partial shade on a system output. Ablaze GES can conduct shading analysis of your installation to determine the effect of shading as part of the design process.

Q23) How are panels fixed to my roof? Will they damage my roof?

A23) The panels are mounted on a proprietary rail system that is fixed to the roof. The complete system is designed to keep the strength and integrity of the roof intact. However, it is extremely important that roof has adequate years of shelf life remaining before the installation of solar panels.

Q24) Which external issues can prevent my installation?

A24) As Ablaze GES may commence the installation of PV systems to connect to the customer end of their electricity meter but the District Network Operator may reject the application. The rejection may occur where the capacity of local electrical ring main is exhausted to absorb any further PV generation without disturbing the grid and other users. Hence, to avoid such situation Ablaze GES suggests applying to DNO to understand whether the grid is constrained or not which may lead to refusal of our application.

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